Become a Citizen of Vanuatu

Become a Citizen of Vanuatu

Those who call Vanuatu their home do so with pride. It is a country in the southern Pacific Ocean comprised of an 83-island archipelago. Each island by itself is splendid with lush tropical foliage, a unique array of wildlife, sparkling clean sandy beaches and is surrounded by crystal blue waters. No matter what your reason for being there is, plenty of activities await you. So many people who travel there on vacation never want to leave.

Additional Perks

If your desire business activities, Vanuatu is a magnificent place to do business. The government is stable with a stress-free environment and a positive economic outlook. People there are happy and willing to participate in business deals. When you are a citizen of Vanuatu, you have instant access to more than 140 other countries. They have an excellent reputation around the world and its people are welcome any place. You will have permission to visit the United States or Australia and anywhere else. Vanuatu is so popular, other countries welcome you without a hassle.

What Are the Requirements?

The applicant must be an adult over the age of 18 and no more than 65 years old. They are not allowed to have any hint of a criminal record, not even if there are special circumstances. It is also a requirement that he or she be able to support themselves without any type of government assistance. A complete list of requirements can be found on the Trade Board Limited website.

It also must be stated that there will be fees associated with becoming a citizen of Vanuatu. The best thing you can do is hire the representative firm of Trade Board Limited to help with the proceedings. Not only will they walk you through each step of the application process, they know what fees are required when and exactly how much. People who use TBL are ten times more likely to be approved for citizenship.

Why Do the Requirements Seem Strict?

In reality they are less strict than most other countries. The authorities in Vanuatu want to make sure each citizen maintains a productive life-style there. In Vanuatu there are no government handouts, all people must carry their own weight. This is true of natural-born Vanuatuan citizens as well as those immigrating from other countries.

The leaders and citizens of this tropical paradise wants to ensure the country stays economically sound and has a high standard of living. This is for the overall good of everyone who sets foot upon their shores. They want to keep Vanuatu beautiful now and far into the future. The only logical way to do that is to have high standards.

More About Trade Board Limited

When you are looking to become a citizen of Vanuatu, you will need other services besides application assistance. You must set up bank accounts for yourself and any business you may intend to start there. Trade Board Limited can help with those services too. They will even help you set up your company. Instead of scrambling to find several different companies, one to help with each service, get them all taken care of in one place.

TBL will never steer you wrong. This firm knows everything you need to have done and each step, of course including the citizenship application process. They will explain every step to you so that you can understand it. When they are in charge, you can count on all procedures to go smoothly. Contact them today!

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