Trade Board Limited’s Other Services Related to Vanuatu

A lot has been written about Trade Board Limited’s offshore company formation and its ship registration services; however, not so much about their other services. TBL has a whole slew of great services. Let us take a look at some of them now.

Opening Bank Accounts

If you plan to do any sort of business in Vanuatu you will probably need to open at least one bank account, most likely two accounts. You will need one for your business or to register a sea vessel. You will also need a bank account for yourself. Trade Board Limited can assist you with all preparations and required steps. They know every applicable law and regulation as well as all correct opening balance amounts. Although the process is straightforward and technically can be done yourself, we do not recommend that. If you make any kind of an error, it can result in not being approved.

Applying for Citizenship in Vanuatu

Something else Trade Board Limited can help you with is applying for citizenship in Vanuatu. Odds are good, after spending some time there, you will become so enthralled by life in Vanuatu, you decide to become a citizen. We understand all procedures and steps and can ensure your application is approved. Not only are you permitted to apply for yourself, but if you want family members to be included in the application process. We can guarantee you do everything properly and become a legal citizen of this beautiful country if you allow us to handle things for you.

TBL’s Lesser-Known Services

Exactly what do we mean by this? Trade Board Limited has a slew of other services that often get overlooked. They are every bit as useful as their primary services. Many are administrative, some go together with their primary services. Here is a brief list of a few of the administrative services:

• Annual registration fee for companies
• Corporate secretary fee – paid annually
• Permits and certificates for continuing the company
• Document filing
• Change of name certificate

Recordkeeping services such as documents that are kept by the Commission, name registration, filing of a change. Each of these aforementioned services is just as important as the ones that receive more attention. Trade Board Limited performs them all. They have a full list on their website.

More TBL Facts

When you use Trade Board Limited as your representative for all things Vanuatu, not only are you receiving excellent service, but also convenience. Instead of racking your brain and searching all over the Internet for different providers for each service, you get all of them in one place. No aggravation, no incompetence, no problems. TBL knows precisely what they are doing. Plus they are directly connected to all the proper authorities for each service and have a superb reputation with them. This significantly boosts your approval chances for whichever service you apply for. When you want things related to Vanuatu done correctly, Trade Board Limited must be your firm of choice. Get in touch with them right away.

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