All About Opening Offshore Bank Accounts in Vanuatu

Let us say you have a significant amount of money you would like to invest, but have no interest in forming an offshore corporation, nor have sea vessels to register, what can you do? A terrific option is to open an offshore bank account in Vanuatu. Why? And what is so special about Vanuatu? Those questions and more shall be answered in this brief blog. Keep reading!

Why Vanuatu?

We will answer this question first. Vanuatu is the best place to open an offshore bank account even if all you want to get out of it is a great return on your investment. The country is extremely lenient when it comes to taxes and regulations. There are very few of both. Those that do exist are minimal and reasonable. Because of these factors, it is easy for outside investors to do business in Vanuatu. That leaves the door open for you if you do decide to form a corporation in Vanuatu in the future.
Having a bank account there will also give you a legitimate reason to visit Vanuatu and write off the visit in business taxes in the country you do reside in. Vanuatu is a virtual paradise with many assets when it comes to vacation spots. Having an established bank account there before you visit would make it much easier to access your money when you visit. Why not take advantage of that?

Why an Offshore Bank Account?

The biggest reason is diversity in your portfolio. You can put some of the money into a strictly designated savings account and collect interest on it. Then you will have a nice amount of money to draw from if that rainy day occurs in your life. With a Vanuatuan bank account, as we mentioned, there are practically zero taxes. The actual amount is so minimal that it seems like zero.
If you already have some money saved, later on you might wish to use it to invest in local Vanuatuan businesses or purchase and register a yacht to enjoy in the pristine seas that surround the 83-island archipelago that comprises the country of Vanuatu. Those that have taken this investment route thus far are seeing significant profits. Why not give this a shot?

How Can You Get Started?

Although the process of setting up bank accounts in Vanuatu is simple, we do not recommend you going it alone. It is too easy to make small errors that add up to a huge SNAFU. You need to hire a firm to represent you with this and other services in Vanuatu. We highly suggest that firm be Trade Board Limited. Together you and they can get you set up in no time and perfectly. You won’t have to worry about some minor errors causing big problems when TBL is on the job.

Why Trade Board Limited?

Because they have hands-on experience in Vanuatuan bank accounts and know how to explain each part of the process to you. They have been in the business for years and have direct connections to the appropriate authorities to get your account applications approved.

Another reason to hire Trade Board Limited is in the event you do want to establish more investment opportunities in Vanuatu. TBL’s key personnel are also experts at offshore company formation, registering a yacht or ship there, and taking care of administrative tasks associated with those services.

Let’s suppose you fall in love with Vanuatu and decide to move there. TBL can even help you apply for citizenship. Why tear your hair out searching for a different company to perform each service for you when you can get them all in one place? Reach out to them immediately to begin setting up your offshore bank accounts in Vanuatu. Hurry, your Vanuatuan future awaits you!

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